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Wakatobi 2017 - June 30th-July 10th

Please come and join us on another epic adventure to one of the most remote places on the globe. You will enjoy the tranquility and secluded location of Wakatobi; no traffic noise, no pollution, no other divers for at least 100 miles.

Whether you are diving or snorkeling amongst the vibrant protected coral reefs bristling with marine life, enjoying a rejuvenating spa, taking in a glorious sunset with your favorite cocktails at the jetty bar, or perhaps indulging in a romantic beach dinner, Wakatobi Resort provides a unique and enriching experience for those seeking recreation, relaxation and privacy.

All prices listed below include the following:

  • Return flights Denpasar Bali and Wakatobi.

  • 10 nights at the resort.

  • All meals and wine with dinner.

  • Prices are for double occupancy unless otherwise stated.

Palm Bungalow:  Double Occupancy:

$3,500.00 - Non-Diver

$5,167.00 - Diver

$4,739.00 - Snorkeler


Palm Bungalow:  Single Occupancy:

$5,305.00 - Non-Diver

$6,972.00 - Diver

$6,545.00 - Snorkeler


Ocean Bungalow:  Double Occupancy:

$4,355.00 - Non-Diver

$6,022.00 - Diver

$5,595.00 - Snorkeler

Ocean Bungalow:  Single Occupancy:

$6,825.00 - Non-Diver

$8,492.00 - Diver

$8,065.00 - Snorkeler

One Bedroom Villa:  Double Occupancy:

$6,493.00 - Non-Diver

$8,160.00 - Diver

$7,732.00 - Snorkeler

Two Bedroom Villa:  Quadruple Occupancy:

$3,785.00 - Non-Diver

$7,946.00 - Diver

$5,025.00 - Snorkeler

Notes and everything else:

  • Airfare from the USA to Bali not included.

  • Best option is Cathay Pacific from Newark through Hong Kong to Bali. Approx. cost $1,600.00 roundtrip.

  • Private charter from Bali to Wakatobi departs 8:00am on June 30th, 2017.

  • Charter from Wakatobi back to Bali arrives Bali 4:00pm on July 10th, 2017.

  • Trip Insurance highly recommended.

  • All payments by credit card will be subject to a 5% service fee.

  • Book your air to arrive in Bali on June 29th for a 1 night stay. Once our group is set we can all plan to book into the same hotel.

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