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The Team

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Andre Horne

Andre is a PADI Master Instructor and the owner of Ultimate Scuba Adventures. When he is not hunting for lobsters off New Jersey he is leading a trip to some exotic dive location somewhere on the globe. He grew up in Cape Town South Africa and first ventured into the underwater realm in 1969. He is also an avid sailor and has recorded thousands of miles sailing the world's oceans. Come and join him on his next adventure. 


Pat Carney

Pat has been diving since 1999.  He is an avid hunter and loves liveaboard trips.  Pat's favorite places to dive are Palau, the Galapagos and Soloman Islands.

Wayne Hall

Wayne is a Master Scuba Diving Instructor and has been diving since the dawn of time.  When Wayne isn't flying off to some exotic location with the Air Force, he loves to brave the "Cold Water of Bainbridge".

Emily Harkness

Emily is an Open Water Scuba Instructor and has been diving since 2006.  Emily loves all things outdoors.  When not at Ultimate, Emily works as an environmental educator and is passionate about getting children outside in nature.  Her favorite places to dive are Komodo, Indonesia, and Spiegel Grove in Florida.

Scott Rowan

Scott is a Master Scuba Diver Trainer took his first scuba course at Temple University in 1969.  Scott is a US Navy veteran, and he sailed as a seaman in Merchant Marine during college summers.  Currently, Scott is a professional photographer specializing in sports photography, and has 20 years as a photojournalist with AP and the Philadelphia Inquirer.  Because of this, Scott has a strong interest in underwater photography, and loves wreck diving.  Scott's favorite dive locations are Truk, Palau, North Carolina, Wakatobi and Bonaire. "If it has anything to do with water, I'm interested."

Steph Farmer.jpg

Stephanie Farmer

Stephanie is an Open Water Scuba Instructor.  She started diving in 2011 as a part of a surprise birthday gift for her husband, Chris.  Endless dives in Dutch Springs became their weekend go-to. Steph and Chris have dove in Georgia, New Jersey, and Baltimore aquariums, plus in the Florida Keys, Gulf Coast, Hawaii, and Bonaire.  When she is not diving she works in the Interboro School District as an Assistant Principal and a College Professor at Wilmington University in Gifted Education.

Chris Farmer.png

Chris Farmer

Chris is an Open Water Scuba Instructor who started diving in 2011 when his wife, Steph, gave him an open water course as a surprise birthday gift.  He fell in love with the sport and kept taking classes over the next few years along with Steph. One of the most memorable dive sites for Chris is an ancient lava tube in Kauai, Hawaii but his favorite dive location has to be Bonaire. When not diving Chris works in the Penn-Delco School District and enjoys teaching people how to be able to afford the sport of diving!

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Chuck Shultis

Chuck is a Master Scuba Diver Trainer and has been diving since the dawn of time. Chuck is also a 'giant' lobster hunter. The story goes that when Chuck got his first lobster he brought it back to the shop to show it off but it was deemed unworthy due to its barely legal size and missing claw.  Somehow by the time the lobster was posted on the web, it grew 10 sizes and grew a claw.

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Sean Smith

Sean is an Open Water Scuba Instructor who has been diving since before Cousteau.  Sean loves wreck diving off the Jersey coast, and his favorite hobby is belly dancing.  When Sean isn't diving, he's teaching knitting and crocheting.  He's hoping to finish his studies at Camden County Community College, where he is studying advanced basket weaving.  Sean's favorite color is "mother of pearl."

Tim Walck.jpg

Tim Walck

Tim has been diving since 2000.  Tim is our Service Technician and is able to service all gear for any brands that we carry.  He is an avid traveler who has spent time in over 25 countries all over the world, but his favorite dive destination is Palau!

Enrique Villar.jpg

Enrique Villar

Enrique is a Divemaster who has been diving with Andre since 2000. He loves diving the Florida Keys and Jersey.  But Enrique's favorite diving spot is Bonaire!

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Bryan Poulson

Bryan is a Divemaster who has been diving since 2001. After a hiatus, Bryan got back into diving in 2010 and has been active since. His favorite places to dive are Bonaire & the Keys. Exotic destinations such as Iceland, Scotland, the Solomon Islands, and Fiji are among some of the most memorable trips so far for Bryan. His hobbies include amateur bartending, engineering & hanging with the Ultimate crew.

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Adam Terranova

Adam started diving in the Marines while stationed at Coronado, CA in 1994 and was instantly hooked.  Adam met Andre the first weekend after he got home while on his way to get Civilian clothes at the Granite Run Mall.  Noticing that Andre had a painting of a dive flag on the side of the original dive shop, he stopped in.  The two have been good friends ever since.  Adam recently started a family, so his future dive trips are limited to the spearfishing trip in Tortugas and the occasional Jersey Dive.  You will see him in the pool or up at Dutch Springs for training classes to keep his skills top notch.

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