Upcoming Trips



June 1st - 9th, 2022

Giant mantas, hammerheads, silky sharks, and humpback whales are just a few examples of the marine life that you'll get to see while enjoying liveaboard life in Sorocco!

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August 6th - 13th or August 6th - 17th

Join Ultimate Scuba on our yearly trip to Beautiful Bonaire! Here you can experience the thrill of shore diving. Dozens of dive sites line the island -  this is a wonderful location for beginner and experienced scuba divers. Interested in wreck diving? You'll get to choose from numerous locations! 



June 25th - July 5th, 2023

One of Indonesia's most famous diving locations, Komodo is full of gorgeous colorful reefs. Strong currents create numerous dive spots for drift diving. Eagle rays, stonefish, seahorses, and dugong are plentiful!

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