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We offer top of the line gear for purchase in the shop.  Stop by to find the perfect addition to your scuba kit!

Gear Rental

Gear Rental

General Policies for Equipment Reservations:  Wetsuits may be fitted and paid for in full at any time prior to the desired rental date in order to hold the equipment.  All rentals must be paid for in full prior to any equipment leaving the Dive Center.  Special arrangements will be made for any Dive Center sponsored events cancelled due to inclement weather.

Payments:  VISA and MasterCard will be accepted for payments.  Failure to return any equipment in clean, dry, and/or working condition may result in additional charges.

Pick-Up and Returns:  Rental equipment may be picked up the evening prior to the rental date and must be returned the day after the rental period.  Equipment must be returned in clean, dry, working condition.  Weekend rentals are to be returned the Monday after the weekend prior to 7:00pm.

Note:  All SCUBA Rentals require proof of certification.

Air Fills

Gear Service

Gear service is critical to diving safety.  Your regulators should be serviced annually, cylinders should be visually inspected annually, and cylinders should by hydrostatically tested every 5 years.  This is the same recommendation no matter how often gear is used through the year.  It is also important for your safety to have BCDs inspected.  Our certified technicians are able to service most major brands of equipment.  For more information, call or stop by the shop!

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